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Women are not interested to build muscles like men do. Cardio exercises are best suited for them. Their main objective for visiting a fitness club is always to shed those extra pounds and get a toned body. Nowadays women of every age group want to look sexier and young. They are regularly visiting gyms to get that desired figure.It is always beneficial to lose your weight through workouts than losing them through dieting or other dangerous methods. Regular exercises enhances metabolism in your body and hence you lose weight naturally. They have no side effects at all while your overall appearance also increases with cardio workouts.Top 4 Cardio Workouts for woman to burn Abdominal Fat Quickly:Running: It is the most convenient and the most effective cardio workout. It enhances the metabolism in your lower body and burns lots of calories. It is always advisable to wear a good pair shoes before running. You should also keep your body well hydrated with water hence drink enough water after running.Aerobics: It’s another technique to lose that extra stomach fat from your body. You can lose them by performing aerobic dances. You can even socialize and lose weight at the same time during these aerobic sessions.Swimming: If you love water, then you are best bet for it. Swimming gives you full body exercise. It tones up your muscle and makes you attractive. Swimming for at least 30 minutes regularly can help you immensely in losing those extra belly fat.Walking: It is the simplest form of cardio workout and the most preferred too. Walking regularly helps your body to burn calories. Women mostly prefer this workout as it is easier to perform and more effective.

The Aerobic Fat Loss Program – The Alternative Way to Get Healthy and Slim – Aerobics Cardio

As our nation is gripped with the ever increasing number of obesity problems, so many solutions have been put out there, that makes it hard to choose for the one that’s most effective. From diet program, pills, shakes, exercise machines, advices and therapies – the market is saturated with products that aim to solve weight issues and the industry has become one of the biggest in the country. But when it comes to losing weight the simple way — watching what you eat and doing regular exercises, such as the aerobic fat loss program, might be the keys that will help you lose those extra pounds.The aerobic fat loss program is actually suitable for most people. But just to be safe, you might want to consult with your family doctor and nutritionist before starting it. There is no better person that you can freely discuss your health goal than somebody who has been taking care of you since you’re a kid, so make sure you go and hear what the opinion is. Once you are given the medical green light, then you can start the work out and will hopefully see some quick results. However, if you don’t see any results, you can discuss with your doctor about doing some cardio exercise weight loss program, to see if it will be more effective for you.Losing weight isn’t an easy task to do, that goes without saying. And it’s even worse when you have dedicated your time and effort to do the aerobic fat loss program to only be disappointed with the results. What you should understand is, there are many types of programs that you can follow – just get the one that you’re most comfortable with. What works best for one person, might not work best for you. So do not give up easily and be consistent in your effort to lose weight.You can probably tell if one program doesn’t work effectively for you, that’s why instead of quitting, just move on to some other programs. Eventually, you will get one that really suits your body and schedule. Once you acquire the best aerobic fat loss plan, be consistent and stick with the program as scheduled – you will soon get the great results that you have always wanted. But for sure, getting there won’t be an easy ride. So be prepared to work hard to achieve your goal of a slim and healthy body figure.

Aerobics Or Weightlifting For a Bigger Butt? – Aerobics Cardio

Should you do aerobics or weight training to get a better shaped butt? Should you do both or emphasize on other? This depends really much on your goals, but if you are aiming to get a bigger butt the answer is quite clear. This depends of course on the current state of your body. Have you been eating really unhealthy life and have gathered a fat storage around the body. If the case is so the best option is then of course to emphasize on aerobics.Cardio workouts and aerobics are mainly aimed to burn fat. Depending much on what aerobics you do, but in general your muscles will get more toned and maybe slightly bigger and you will lose that excess fat around your body. Aerobics will give you that slim, toned look. You have to exercise 3 – 4 times a week to get any real results with aerobics method. So if you are after bigger butt, the aerobics might not be your thing.Then why is it important to get bigger butt muscles to get bigger butt? It is because, the bigger your butt muscles are the bigger your butt will be and look. Butt muscles in good condition will shape your behind to a rounder and bigger look. So the obvious answer to the question, aerobic or weightlifting is weightlifting. If you want to have bigger butt and bigger butt muscles you need to stimulate the muscles to grow and only really effective way to do it is by exercising your butt with weights. Aerobics or cardio exercising is something I recommend to do on the side. It will make your butt stand out more if your body fat percentage is lower.So to get bigger butt you need to do different big butt exercises and perhaps some cardio exercising on the side.

Top 10 Aerobics Exercises – Aerobics Cardio

Aerobic exercises are also known for their increase in endurance, and work to increase the functioning of the cardiovascular system to pump oxygen throughout the body efficiently. Regular aerobics increases the amount of oxygen that the cells in the body receive, strengthens the heart to improve its ability to pump blood efficiently, creating muscle tone, increasing red blood cells, and improving mental health concerns related to stress and depression. Some additional benefits are lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and weight loss. Chronic diseases such as heart failure and diabetes are improved with regular exercise, under the watchful eye of your physician.WalkingIf you’re new to exercise or you are starting aerobic activities when you’re older in age, walking is a great way to burn calories and begin the process to condition your heart to pump better.JoggingIndoors or outdoors, jogging is an excellent exercise that provides individuals with a higher impact workout to burn more calories and make a difference in weight.Jumping RopeCompared to running and jogging, jumping rope actually provides a better exercise because impact is absorbed in both feet at the same time and 10 minutes of jumping rope is the equivalent of a one mile run.SwimmingSwimming is an exercise that individuals of all ages can take part in. If you are overweight, the water provides buoyancy to cushion your joints from impact, while helping you to increase your heart rate, burn calories and lose fat.Outdoor/ Stationary CyclingBurning fat and reducing the risk of heart disease, as well as lowering blood pressure are some wonderful benefits to cycling. Many people watch television or listen to music while cycling and find it quite relaxing.Treadmill/ Elliptical MachinesThis method of aerobic exercise combines jogging and walking while allowing you to lower or increase your resistance. These can be high intensity or low intensity to aid weight loss.Step AerobicsBy incorporating dance steps and arm movements in your routine, with or without weights, step aerobics can be the workout you’ve been looking for. It’s fun, helps you burn calories and is a great way to stay fit.High Weight RepsIf you’re interested in weight training, you will probably be surprised to know that you can actually increase the aerobic impact by using low weights and increasing your reps to get your heart pumping and calories burning.Cardio KickboxingCardio Kickboxing is an excellent high impact work out designed to help you lose weight, burn calories and learn and introduce you to a type of martial arts.

Cardio Workouts For Fat Loss Do’s and Don’Ts – Aerobics Cardio

If you’re going to do cardio workouts to lose body fat and get lean, it’s time for you to know the right and wrong way to do cardio to achieve the best and quickest results possible. In this article, I’ll go over some of the things you should and shouldn’t do with cardiovascular workouts to maximize their effectiveness.Do: Choose your cardio workout carefully. It’s better to choose the more intensive and challenging workouts such as running, rowing, aerobic classes, etc. Less effective workouts will likely burn less calories.Don’t: Judge the effectiveness of your workout by its length in time. Just because you do a workout for 60 minutes, it doesn’t mean that it burns more calories than another workout which lasts for merely 40 does. You need to make your workout intense, not just long.Do: Perform your cardio workout after you weight training session. You need to be as fresh and focused as possible when you lift weights. In addition, you don’t want to be sweating too much when you start to life weights. It will feel less comfortable.Don’t: Do the same cardio workout over and over. You need to change things up every once in a while. Do a variety of cardiovascular activities to challenge your body in different ways, keep things interesting for you, and to improve your fitness in a number of ways.Do: Wear comfortable shoes. If you want to reduce risk of fitness related injury and to make the workout as convenient as possible, invest in some good shoes. It’s worth it.Don’t: Do cardio only at the gym. There’s something about doing outdoor workouts which makes exercise a lot more fun.Do: Stretch before you do cardio. Especially if you haven’t done this particular workout in a long time, stretching will help to avoid sore muscles and reduce risk of injury.Don’t: Avoid doing strength workouts. The best way to get lean is through a combination of cardio and strength training. Doing just cardio will delay your results.Do: Perform interval training style cardio. Exercising in intervals is a way in which you can burn much more body fat and save a lot of workout time. This is the most time efficient way to workout.As you can see, there are a lot of ways in which you can improve the results you get with cardio. follow these tips and you will change your body.

The Only 2 Times You Should Ever Do Aerobic Exercise – Aerobics Cardio

Aerobics (long, steady state sub-maximal cardio) aren’t much good for many health or fat loss related benefits. I’ve already done a post on why aerobics suck for fat loss. And then I went over the health benefits of interval training versus steady-state aerobics in my interval training for fat loss article.But I have to admit aerobic exercise has its place. It can be a useful tool in eliminating stubborn body fat in the areas guys get it most (the abs) and women (butt, hips and thighs)… But… only if you do it on one of these two occasions (and I’ll explain why too!):Time #1 You Should Do Aerobics: After Interval TrainingFirst let’s look at what intervals and aerobics do in your body…Steady state target heart rate cardio (aerobics). Uses fat for energy, but the problem is it takes a long time to exercise for the body to start using fat as fuel for this type of cardio.High intensity interval training. Burns glycogen and releases fatty acids into the blood stream, but it doesn’t use those fatty acids for energy, which means they get redeposited into the fat cells.Here’s how you get the both of best worlds:1. Do your 12 minutes or less of interval training
2. Wait 5 minutes
3. Do 20 (maximum 30) minutes of steady state cardio (aerobics)When you do it this way, the HIIT followed by 5 minutes rest guarantees a large release of fatty acids into the blood stream, which means you’re guaranteed to be burning fat as fuel when you do your aerobics! Neat huh?Time #2 You Should Do Aerobics: After Weight LiftingIntense weight lifting is very similar to Height Intensity Interval Training in the effects that it has on your body, the fuel it uses, etc. So the only other time you should do aerobic cardio is after your weight lifting.I recommend 20-30 mins of low-medium intensity steady state cardio after weight lifting.Why You Should Know ThisCNS overload: If you’re lifting intensely, focusing on strength, doing low reps with heavy weights 3x per week, you’re working your central nervous system to increase your strength (primarily). Interval training on your “off” days may be overload for some people, steady state aerobics after weights is a good option if that’s you.Stubborn fat: If you’re already around 10-12% body fat (guys) or 15-17% bf (women) and you need to get SUPER ripped, then you should employ the HIIT followed with aerobics in this case. It will help strip away those last stubborn pounds.

Why Cardio Training Will Never Take You From Fat to Flat – Aerobics Cardio

Why cardio can NEVER take you from FAT to FLAT!When I’m talking about cardio training here I’m talking about steady state, continuous aerobic exercise, like jogging, cycling, walking and even using the X-trainer.It’s a proven fact that if you want to lose weight then you should either STOP doing cardio training or if you are intending on using that as your preferred exercise fat loss method then don’t even bother.Why? You say. I thought running was the best way to lose fat?This guys is a misconception, just think back to who it was that told you cardio exercise would make you slim?Was it the local gym instructor/expert? Was it your GP? Was it your friend who has started jogging? Or was it no body and you just though that’s what everyone did to get slimmer?If it was any of the above then I’m sorry to say this but this is down right [email protected] and will do NOTHING for fat loss. Trust me on this one.A perfect example of how jogging can never get you slimmer, Actor and comedian Eddie Izzard ran 48 marathons in 52 days and ran well over 1000miles. (in all fairness to Eddie he did fantastic and it was for a great Corse so all credit to him) but lets look at this from a fat loss view point, after running over 1000miles you would have though he would have lost a few pounds, wouldn’t you? I mean come on he ran 26miles almost every day. Yet he never lost a single pound of fat…Now that’s a shocker.So why was this? Eddie must have been burning some serious calories throughout the 26mile runs, but why couldn’t he shift any fat?Firstly let’s think about a sprinter, aka Usain Bolt, now this guy only run between 10-20seconds at the most and just look how incredibly lean they are.So why does steady state cardio training suck for fat loss?Very simple it does nothing POST workout. Yeah it burns calories during it but if that’s all you focused on for fat loss then you aren’t going to get anywhere fast. By post workout I mean after the session is finished and this is the critical time for burning fat. It all has to do with ‘Afterburn’ or more scientifically know as EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption). The afterburn effect has to do with how many calories are burned AFTER the workout due to the increased speed of your metabolic rate. (Metabolic rate is the speed at which your body burns calories at rest).If you can jack up that metabolic rate so that your body is a calorie burning furnace all day long then you WILL lose fat very quickly. This can NOT be done by doing regular cardiovascular training sessions as they burn no calories after the workout, where as interval training and resistance training if done correctly can burn calories for up to 24hours after a session…Now that’s giving you bang for your buck.Next time you go to the gym look around, you will notice all the over weight people are using the cardio equipments, the bikes, x-trainers, treadmills and all the lean males and females are in the weights area. Trust me on this one.Another reason why aerobic training does nothing for fat loss is when you do that type of training it releases a hormone called cortisol, which is a stress hormone found naturally in our bodies. This hormone is released at times of stress and during cardiovascular exercise. The job of this hormone is to break down stored glucose from the body and break down lean muscle tissue. This plays havoc with your metabolic rate as lean muscle tissue is the only thing you’ve really got to hold off the flab as it keeps your metabolic rate high. The more lean muscle, the faster the metabolism, so the more lean muscle tissue you have the leaner, trimmer and less body fat you will carry.Again just checkout and compare Usain Bolt and Eddie Izzard who is the leanest?All the facts show that cardio training is useless for fat loss.A study conducted comparing aerobic training to interval training and which group got better fat loss results.
Tremblay A, Simoneau JA, Bouchard C. – Impact of exercise intensity on body fatness and skeletal muscle metabolism,1994 July:43(7):814-8.Two groups, group 1 undergoes 20 weeks aerobic training.
Group 2 undergoes 15 weeks interval training.
During their 20 week period group 1 burned 28661 calories in total.
Group 2 burned 13614 (less than half) in 15 weeks.Fewer calories burned over all but the astonishing thing was the interval training group showed NINE TIMES greater loss in subcutaneous fat than the aerobic group.This shows a huge difference in fat loss. Since the interval training group only did 15 weeks of training and only exercised 3 times per week. A total of 45 sessions, compared to 20 weeks of training and 5 sessions a week done by the aerobic group. A total of 100 sessions.This goes to prove along with countless other studies that aerobic/cardio training is useless for fat loss. The key is interval/anaerobic training for blasting body fat. So next time you head for the treadmill and think I’ll do 15minutes steady on here…Do yourself a favour and do interval training that way you will actually drop fat.

Proper Aerobic Training Will Take in These Five Aspects – Aerobics Cardio

In order to be effective, cardio training doesn’t require a lot of time, but requires that you remain consistent with it. Most experts maintain that a half hour to forty-five minutes a day three or four times a week is ample. Obviously the more you are able to do without getting exhausted the more benefit you will gain. With a proper plan that you stay disciplined with, anyone should be able to commit that much time. Remember, this is a time commitment to provide you with a longer and healthier life.1. When is the best time to start? Obviously, the time to start is now. You have to have a well thought-out game plan, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until it is fully formulated. Start today to eat healthy, and if you haven’t joined a health club or bought your training gear yet, go out now and power-walk or ride a bike.2. Vary your fitness routines. Keep your body guessing as to what you are going to throw at it next. It will get bored if you keep doing the same stuff every day, so look to use multiple exercises to work out the same muscle groups. Also, as you can take on more as your strength and endurance increase, intensify your workouts. Don’t make them longer, make them more intense.3. The right time of day to exercise. If you exercise prior to bedtime you may have trouble sleeping. The National Sleep Foundation has recommended not exercising at least two to three hours before bedtime. That high level of energy that you have built up will stay with you that long. If you also are doing weight training the same day, do that prior to your cardio work.4. Eating habits. If you are doing cardio training to lose weight that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat. Fat burning cardio workouts only work if you fuel the body with proper diet, and training on an empty stomach will shortcut all your hard work. What kind of foods should you be eating and when. Your optimum nutrition should come both prior to your workout as well as after.5. Make your cardio exercises fun and interesting. How about doing your exercising outdoors? This way you can easily interact with nature and breathe fresh air. You can also simply enjoy going around the neighborhood as you get your system healthier by the minute. It is possible to make some friends among the people who also do their exercises.When you are getting into a cardio program, there are some things that you have to be very disciplined with, such as what and when you eat and the time of day you set your training for. But there are other aspects when you should be creative and let your mind run wild. This involves the methods of exercise you use, how and where you accomplish the job, and the way you reward yourself for a job well done. If you make it fun, being consistent over the long run will be easy.

Cardio Exercises to Lose Belly Fat – Aerobics Cardio

The most effective way to lose thick belly fat is through regular cardio exercise and a healthy diet. You need a full-body training plan including cardio and resistance exercising. Your belly fat is, in simple terms, a build of stored energy which needs to be burned off, so the aim is to burn more calories than the calories that we consume through exercising. A balanced diet and scheduled exercises will help you have a more appealing tummy.Below are the cardio exercises that I personally rate as the best 3 for getting rid of your belly fat.Running – This is the best cardio exercise for burning belly fat. One of the most popular benefits of running is to manage weight. It burns more calories per minute, than any other form of cardiovascular exercise. Research proves the fact that running burns an average of 100 calories per each mile. Running has proved to be beneficial in slowing the ageing process. People, who run regularly, do not face muscle or bone loss in comparison to their counterparts. Running helps to enhance the glow of the face. It promotes the human growth hormone which helps in staying young. People diagnosed with osteoporosis, diabetes or hypertension, are advised to engage in running for a few miles per day. Running is beneficial in reducing the risk of heart attacks by strengthening the heart, lowering blood pressure and maintaining the elasticity of arteries. It is advised to run at least for thirty minutes in a day.Cycling – This is another excellent calorie burner. Cycling can be done inside or outside. You can burn 500 – 600 calories in 60 minutes.Step Aerobics – This brings you one step closer to optimum fitness. It’s still being a very popular exercise with good reason. It is more intense than regular aerobics. It burns loads of calories and fats. It reduces the overall cholesterol level as well. Step aerobics looks complicated, but with a bit of practice can soon be mastered.Don’t ever forget that you will need a sensible diet too along with the exercises. Having the wrong diet will mean you have to work harder to burn off the calories.Good luck!

The Best Cardio Machine for Weight Loss – Aerobics Cardio

Cardio machines are very helpful for weight loss. If you use interval training, you can get more results than if you did traditional aerobic cardio. But that’s another story for another time. Let’s take a look at which machines burn the most calories.An okay choice: Elliptical Machines.The biggest reason to choose elliptical machines – you’ve got a bum knee. I have worked with clients with extreme osteoarthritis and we were able to use these for a decent workout without pain.But other than that, I am hardly impressed by the elliptical machine for fat loss. If you go into any gym, compare the bodies on the ellipticals to the ones on other machines…most of the time, the people on the ellipticals make no progress from month to month. Sorry, I just don’t like these.But if you have bad knees, or if you are an exception to my experience, feel free to keep rocking the elliptical!Up next…The Stationary BikeThe bike can be easy on your knees as well, particularly if you are overweight and can’t support your bodyweight at this time.But personally, I like the stationary bikes a lot. The set up allows you to do a large amount of mechanical work during your interval training – and that is what puts Turbulence on the muscle and allows you to increase your post-exercise metabolism. In fact, when I first started designing the interval workouts back in 2001, I used stationary bikes exclusively.I also think that the bike allows you to work very hard with less risk of injury. Sprinting requires an extensive warm-up due to the explosive nature of the activity.I recommend starting with the bike unless you are an experienced runner that knows your body wellIn addition, here are three more key points about the bike.a) Stick to the upright version if possible. When using a recumbent bike for intervals, your hips tend to rock too much and your body tries to get into awkward positions in order to push hard against the resistance. That’s my experience. The upright bikes are set up better for intervals.b) For intervals, increase the resistance against your pedalling, and not the speed of your pedalling. I don’t like high RPM spinning. I think you’ll get more results and do more work when you keep the RPM between 80-100 and work against a harder resistance. Forget that high-RPM spinning stuff…I think it is rough on your hips and knees.c) When on the upright bike, sit as upright as possible for the recovery intervals or even stand for some of the work intervals. Just avoid a rounded over posture as that can be hard on your low back.And the winner is…The Treadmill.The treadmill can burn almost 20 calories per minute of exercise during your workout. That’s a big burn, but of course only advanced fitness levels can achieve that – but hopefully you fit that category now or you will someday with consistent training and nutrition.Some tips: Don’t go crazy on using an incline (as that can lead to tight calves), but if you are able to run at more than 10mph, use a 1% incline to help offset the need for more speed. The last thing you want to do is end up in a crazy video on YouTube with you flying off the end of a treadmill into an elliptical machine.So as with all types of sprinting, be careful.Honorable mentions go to…The Rowing Machine and Stairmaster…these can be used in place of other machines for variety and are still effective. Better yet, if you are able, use your body as the best fat burning machine. I highly recommend bodyweight circuits for interval training. These are fun, effective, and perhaps even better at sculpting your body.