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Why cardio can NEVER take you from FAT to FLAT!When I’m talking about cardio training here I’m talking about steady state, continuous aerobic exercise, like jogging, cycling, walking and even using the X-trainer.It’s a proven fact that if you want to lose weight then you should either STOP doing cardio training or if you are intending on using that as your preferred exercise fat loss method then don’t even bother.Why? You say. I thought running was the best way to lose fat?This guys is a misconception, just think back to who it was that told you cardio exercise would make you slim?Was it the local gym instructor/expert? Was it your GP? Was it your friend who has started jogging? Or was it no body and you just though that’s what everyone did to get slimmer?If it was any of the above then I’m sorry to say this but this is down right [email protected] and will do NOTHING for fat loss. Trust me on this one.A perfect example of how jogging can never get you slimmer, Actor and comedian Eddie Izzard ran 48 marathons in 52 days and ran well over 1000miles. (in all fairness to Eddie he did fantastic and it was for a great Corse so all credit to him) but lets look at this from a fat loss view point, after running over 1000miles you would have though he would have lost a few pounds, wouldn’t you? I mean come on he ran 26miles almost every day. Yet he never lost a single pound of fat…Now that’s a shocker.So why was this? Eddie must have been burning some serious calories throughout the 26mile runs, but why couldn’t he shift any fat?Firstly let’s think about a sprinter, aka Usain Bolt, now this guy only run between 10-20seconds at the most and just look how incredibly lean they are.So why does steady state cardio training suck for fat loss?Very simple it does nothing POST workout. Yeah it burns calories during it but if that’s all you focused on for fat loss then you aren’t going to get anywhere fast. By post workout I mean after the session is finished and this is the critical time for burning fat. It all has to do with ‘Afterburn’ or more scientifically know as EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption). The afterburn effect has to do with how many calories are burned AFTER the workout due to the increased speed of your metabolic rate. (Metabolic rate is the speed at which your body burns calories at rest).If you can jack up that metabolic rate so that your body is a calorie burning furnace all day long then you WILL lose fat very quickly. This can NOT be done by doing regular cardiovascular training sessions as they burn no calories after the workout, where as interval training and resistance training if done correctly can burn calories for up to 24hours after a session…Now that’s giving you bang for your buck.Next time you go to the gym look around, you will notice all the over weight people are using the cardio equipments, the bikes, x-trainers, treadmills and all the lean males and females are in the weights area. Trust me on this one.Another reason why aerobic training does nothing for fat loss is when you do that type of training it releases a hormone called cortisol, which is a stress hormone found naturally in our bodies. This hormone is released at times of stress and during cardiovascular exercise. The job of this hormone is to break down stored glucose from the body and break down lean muscle tissue. This plays havoc with your metabolic rate as lean muscle tissue is the only thing you’ve really got to hold off the flab as it keeps your metabolic rate high. The more lean muscle, the faster the metabolism, so the more lean muscle tissue you have the leaner, trimmer and less body fat you will carry.Again just checkout and compare Usain Bolt and Eddie Izzard who is the leanest?All the facts show that cardio training is useless for fat loss.A study conducted comparing aerobic training to interval training and which group got better fat loss results.
Tremblay A, Simoneau JA, Bouchard C. – Impact of exercise intensity on body fatness and skeletal muscle metabolism,1994 July:43(7):814-8.Two groups, group 1 undergoes 20 weeks aerobic training.
Group 2 undergoes 15 weeks interval training.
During their 20 week period group 1 burned 28661 calories in total.
Group 2 burned 13614 (less than half) in 15 weeks.Fewer calories burned over all but the astonishing thing was the interval training group showed NINE TIMES greater loss in subcutaneous fat than the aerobic group.This shows a huge difference in fat loss. Since the interval training group only did 15 weeks of training and only exercised 3 times per week. A total of 45 sessions, compared to 20 weeks of training and 5 sessions a week done by the aerobic group. A total of 100 sessions.This goes to prove along with countless other studies that aerobic/cardio training is useless for fat loss. The key is interval/anaerobic training for blasting body fat. So next time you head for the treadmill and think I’ll do 15minutes steady on here…Do yourself a favour and do interval training that way you will actually drop fat.

Proper Aerobic Training Will Take in These Five Aspects – Aerobics Cardio

In order to be effective, cardio training doesn’t require a lot of time, but requires that you remain consistent with it. Most experts maintain that a half hour to forty-five minutes a day three or four times a week is ample. Obviously the more you are able to do without getting exhausted the more benefit you will gain. With a proper plan that you stay disciplined with, anyone should be able to commit that much time. Remember, this is a time commitment to provide you with a longer and healthier life.1. When is the best time to start? Obviously, the time to start is now. You have to have a well thought-out game plan, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until it is fully formulated. Start today to eat healthy, and if you haven’t joined a health club or bought your training gear yet, go out now and power-walk or ride a bike.2. Vary your fitness routines. Keep your body guessing as to what you are going to throw at it next. It will get bored if you keep doing the same stuff every day, so look to use multiple exercises to work out the same muscle groups. Also, as you can take on more as your strength and endurance increase, intensify your workouts. Don’t make them longer, make them more intense.3. The right time of day to exercise. If you exercise prior to bedtime you may have trouble sleeping. The National Sleep Foundation has recommended not exercising at least two to three hours before bedtime. That high level of energy that you have built up will stay with you that long. If you also are doing weight training the same day, do that prior to your cardio work.4. Eating habits. If you are doing cardio training to lose weight that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat. Fat burning cardio workouts only work if you fuel the body with proper diet, and training on an empty stomach will shortcut all your hard work. What kind of foods should you be eating and when. Your optimum nutrition should come both prior to your workout as well as after.5. Make your cardio exercises fun and interesting. How about doing your exercising outdoors? This way you can easily interact with nature and breathe fresh air. You can also simply enjoy going around the neighborhood as you get your system healthier by the minute. It is possible to make some friends among the people who also do their exercises.When you are getting into a cardio program, there are some things that you have to be very disciplined with, such as what and when you eat and the time of day you set your training for. But there are other aspects when you should be creative and let your mind run wild. This involves the methods of exercise you use, how and where you accomplish the job, and the way you reward yourself for a job well done. If you make it fun, being consistent over the long run will be easy.