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Be aware: Have students decide pH through the use of a technique acquainted to them. For instance, using pH strips or probes. Additionally, it will be a good idea to have college students put on safety goggles during this activity. The correct natural hair care merchandise and hair care routine can transform your hair from limp and lifeless to lengthy and luscious in no time.

Argan oil: Argan oil is non-native to India, but has been catching up just lately as a force to reckon with. Extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree, present in Morocco, it’s replete with Vitamin E, making it the right moisturiser for dry and lacklustre hair, reducing frizz. Conclusion 18. Don’t brush wet hair

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Healthy Hair Starts With Protection From the Solar

Omega three fatty acids are also important to maintain your scalp and hair follicles from drying out, reducing irritation (which is a major cause of hair shedding) and promoting hair development. Male pattern balding and hair loss in women is usually associated with insulin resistance, which in flip is a byproduct of Omega three deficiencies. Try salmon, mackerel and sardines. Vegetarians, you can get your each day dose of Omega three from avocados, flaxseeds, olive oil and walnuts. Eat nutritional vitamins as effectively – notably beneficiant helpings of contemporary fruit and veggies.

With so much discuss in the zeitgeist about what it means to be “self-made” within the beauty business, it’s overdue for Mahisha Dellinger to be added to the conversation. The Curls founder is a veritable pioneer within the pure hair-care industry, having launched the brand in 2002, lengthy earlier than many other labels started catering to those with natural texture.

Apply this mixture evenly on your wet hair.

Nourish your scalp 12. Use protection before you leap into the pool Hair straightening needs to be repeated each 4–6 weeks and only new regrowth must be straightened, in any other case injury to the hair can happen (Ahn and Lee, 2002). Based on this exercise, ask students to provide you with an preliminary answer to the central query of the lesson: How does understanding the chemistry of hair care, including the function of pH, help in the event of higher hair-care merchandise?

The shampoo has a neutral pH of seven and I think it’s one of the best values in Korean beauty. It’s not a watery product at all, but a thick, herb-wealthy sap that feels incredible on my scalp and strands. There’s even a bit of root floating within the bottle, according to the opposite beauty merchandise that function “actual” components (like grains and leaves and pieces of fruit) on the rise in Korea now! It was this product that made me a K-beauty hair care believer more than a year ago.


In the circumstances of 2020, manufacturers like @joshwoodcolour additionally efficiently used social media to help consumers with residence hair colour ideas, consultations and treatments. Social media is a great platform for hair, and where new / smaller manufacturers can really drive engagement with the right content.