How Long to Go Before Visiting a Barbershop After Your Last Haircut


All you need is your style and your fashion. Fashion and style are what make a man attractive to most.

You also know when to go to the barbershop for the next haircut, which usually means about once per month.

This also comes down too many factors, such as the length of your hair.

For someone with shorter hair at the sides, it is necessary to go to the barbershop every two weeks to keep that style.

If you have long hair, maybe an inch or so, it is worth waiting for a month before visiting the salon or barbershop.

The truth is that the longer your hair is, then the longer you can keep it without needing another haircut. You should follow a regular schedule and have your hair cut within one to two weeks.

Hair grows at approximately 0.5 inches every four weeks, so it is important to cut your hair proportionally so that you always look your best and feel your best.

A clipped haircut can double the length of your sides, so you need to trim it every few weeks.

Again, hair growth will be slower if your hair is longer than a few inches.

We strongly recommend that you come in for a haircut every 6 weeks, regardless of your hairstyle or length. Goodfellas has all the hairstyling tips and tricks you could want and need, contact us today!

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