Juicer Vs. Blender: What to Choose?


Based on the preference and a few key factors, one must decide between a juicer and a blender. Though both appliances help a person to inject healthy fruits and vegetables into the diet, there are some key differences that one must know before choosing the right one according to their lifestyle.

How do both work?

The blender helps pulverize the vegetables and fruits to make smoothies and sources. It creates a smooth and thick concussion without any waste. On the other hand, the easy clean juicer helps to remove the juice from various fruits and vegetables like apples, Ginger, and celery and turns them into delicious drinks. It leaves behind the pulp and flesh that one cannot use elsewhere in their kitchen.

As one receives a high percentage of vegetables and fruits through the process of blending, therefore, it is one of the options that most people look out for.

In comparison to the price

It is possible to find a reasonable juicer. But when one tries to look for a blender at the same price, the task becomes daunting. The mechanism of the blender helps to remove the pulp. Therefore, it has to use some advanced techniques. Especially if an individual has the budget and requires a healthy and fresh drink, they must choose a blender. However, the best portable blenders are often the least expensive.

Parameters to choose the best

To decide the right one, a person must choose them based on these parameters.

· Ease of use

On the grounds of usability, the blenders are the true winners. To use a blender, one must simply add the ingredients and switch on the blender. But an easy clean juicer requires continuous monitoring. Also, the person needs to add the different pieces of vegetables and fruit one after the other. The best part is that some of the blenders can be placed straight into the dishwasher. It saves the time and assets of the person using the same. But on the contrary, one cannot do the same with a juicer. It requires handwashing. The reason behind this is the presence of sensitive attachment and strainers that requires proper scrubbing. With that, one can easily remove the build-up particles and pulp.

· Taste

It is a personal preference when it comes down to taste. Some people prefer easy-clean juicers because they think that it delivers a better drinking experience. While others might prefer blenders as it offers healthy drinks.


If a person wants clear juice every morning, the best deal will be a juicer. It helps produce a higher concentration of vitamins that one can ingest easily. However, for versatility, one must prefer having a blender. The only thing that a person should bear in mind before buying a blender is the cost of the appliance. Apart from that, the blender helps to retain the seed, skin, and pulp of the fruits and vegetables while producing a thicker consistency. Hence as a consumer, one must keep the aforementioned tips in mind, before choosing between a juicer and a blender.