Luxe Bond Hair Extensions


Searching for hair extensions can often be stressful, but with Luxe Bond, the experience is entirely different.
Luxe Bond Hair Extensions are ideal for clients who:

  • Require a fully customised service.
  • Need extensions placed close to the hairline or lower at the nape.
  • Prefer extensions that behave like their natural hair.
  • Have fine hair and need less density per strand.

Experience luxury in permanent extensions. Our process blends in multiple shades of premium quality, natural human hair to match your own colour. Each blended strand forms an individual extension, securely bonded to a small section of your hair using our unique bonding system.

Each bond can be adjusted in size, which ensures a precise match to each client’s hair density.

Exclusive to Racoon, our bonding formula is both gentle and durable. It’s a closely guarded secret, combining resins from pine nut kernel and orange peel extracts. The bonds are extremely small and discreet, similar to the size of uncooked grain of rice, making Luxe Bond extensions secure, comfortable, and virtually invisible.

When applied, Luxe Bond extensions gradually build volume, resulting in a supremely natural look as the hair moves freely and blends seamlessly with your own.

These extensions can list any time for six to a year with regular maintenance and rotation which is recommended every 4-6 weeks.

Research by leading trichologist Ian Sallis, shows Luxe Bond hair extensions leave no trace, residue, or damage to your hair.

Each extension is available in 25 beautiful colours, plus 4 blended grey shades available in 12”, 14”,16”,18” and 20” lengths.

Racoon’s exclusive colour matching service allows salons to order bespoke blends of shades to perfectly match a customer’s hair. Also, custom colours are available as well as bespoke lengths. These orders would require an extended lead time for delivery.

Luxe Bond Highlight & Lowlight Damage-Free Color Packs

With Racoon Luxe Bond Highlight and Lowlight hair extension packs, you can safely and quickly enjoy the benefits of added colour without a patch test or chemical lifting. These high-quality packs use Racoon’s premium Euro hair and are perfect for clients looking to add volume and colour without needing a full head of extensions.

Choose two or three colours from six available shades—blonde-based for highlights and brown-based for lowlights. These extensions are available in four lengths: 12”, 14”, 16”, and 18”.

For more information, speak to your Racoon stylist, visit our website, or call 01295 770999 and select option 1.